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An aim of Adapting is to reintegrate people with disabilities into society

Not only is work an important goal but recreation must also become an important part of a disabled persons life

Did You Know....

"Over 1.6 million Americans live with limb loss or differences.

Over 185,000 amputations are performed each year in the U.S.

Over 1,000 American are born each year with limb differences.

Largest causes of amputation in the U.S. are:


Heart Disease









For helpful information on skin care for amputees we provide helpful information.

Skin care is crucial to stay free of further problems that could lead to revisions of amputation.

You need to practice proper hygiene to stay problem free.

In addition, you must take care of your prosthetic or orthotic equipment.

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Let us help you deal with grief and depression. We care!

























Creating a Better World for Those Who are Challenged






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The ADAPTING nonprofit corporation is creating a better world for the physically disadvantaged through specialized training, peer support, and counseling in an unhurried nurturing environment for the purpose of restoring self esteem, and the successful reintegration of the disabled individual into society.

ADAPTING has a ruling from the Internal Revenue Service as a 501c3 nonprofit corporation that is engaged in specialized vocational training of low income disabled individuals for the purpose of removing them from public assistance and enabling them to earn wages in mid-income levels. Thereby, not only providing the opportunity to support themselves but their families as well.

This program provides the opportunity for disadvantaged people to become independent wage earners who can again afford the basic and simple things in life such as placing good food on the table, or dressing the kids in nice clothes for school.

Many times during catastrophic health events such as limb loss many individuals suffer from depression or grief. They have questions to ask so they can better cope with their new situation. They must adapt. We help this process with peer support, counseling and other assistance in an unhurried nurturing environment.

The recovery must take place one step at a time.

Let ADAPTING help those in need through supporting us with your donations!

Dear visitors, think of the pride you can feel in joining with us in supporting this exciting program.

Thank you for your time in viewing this site. I hope this site will provide you with an understanding of what is possible to change the lives for many people in a hopeless situation in which a shinning light has been placed in their view.

For further questions or additional information-

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Please join with us today! Help kids get back into the mainstream of society and no longer feel different. Give them a chance to enjoy their childhood years and adapt.

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A Message of Gratitude from the ADAPTING Board of Directors:

We at ADAPTING would like to thank you, donors and generous supporters for your generous donations to our nonprofit and volunteer work . It is your donations and support that help us to help others fulfill their dreams under such difficult circumstances. It is your donations and support which gives hope and renewed strength to those physically impaired people and enables them to live more normal and fulfilling lives. Just think of how proud you can be to restore self-esteem and happiness to one of our deserving families.

Other Support Services:

Amputee peer support services to permit healing and reintegration into society. Don't let limb loss or limb difference stop you!

Visitation services for patients with individuals with physical limitations in hospitals, assisted living facilities and other types of institutions.

Certified peer support and patient visitor training classes.

To provide information and other assistance on home modifications ALLOWING EASIER ACCESS FOR DAILY LIVING.

Counseling and guidance related to adapting to the disability and reintegration into society.

Financial assistance with orthotics and prosthetics.

Vocational planning and training.

and more....

Please Note: We need computer, printer, and monitor donations for low income families' students and seniors.

Your donations do make a difference!

Please call us today if you can help. Thank you.


Please note: Due to the urgent need for qualified visitors at rehabilitation facilities, assisted living quarters and other types of institutions of a similar nature, ADAPTING, will begin institutional visitor training classes where prospective visitors (care-givers) learn to listen, recognize serious mental conditions, and other important areas of learning to become qualified to visit with people whom may need campionship and company.

For those less fortunate individuals who need companionship, guidance, or other appropriate help these trained visitors will provide an opportunity to help those whom may be forgotten by friends and family..

Call for more information or look for public service announcements in your local newspapers or on TV.

Our service areas will be north Central Oregon and South Central Washington states.

OTHER BREAKING NEWS....ADAPTING is planning to expand operations by opening an office in Richland, Washington to better service those individuals in need of our services. With the new offies opening in 2018 we can cover North Central Oregon and South Central Washington states.

Have you ever wondered, "Can I be of use?" The answer is


a very significant difference !

And in so many different ways-


You have the ability to bring life improving, good values, and care to our programs AND CARE RECEIVERS through your volunteering and donations.

We can work together to solve the basic human problems of the under-served, and suffering members of our society.

Think of the pride you can feel by associating and joining with ADAPTING helping those less fortunate in need. Please go to this LINK and participate with us in this worthwhile cause.

Thank you!

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Diabetes in children is in epidemic proportions across the USA.

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ADAPTING is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation based in Umatilla/Stanfield, Oregon.

The focus of ADAPTING is to provide amputee peer support, educational assistance & training to disabled individuals, to provide advocacy when needed, and other services disabled or physically impaired people may need.

In addition, we are now collecting used prosthetic equipment for distribution to third world countries. (Used prosthetic equipment, by law, can not be used in this country)

We serve as visitors for seniors or disabled individuals in rehab facilities, assisted living centers and hospitals (North Central Oregon and South Central Washington states.)

ADAPTING is developing a program to take street children in third world countries off the streets and into learning instiitutions.We feel this will greatly aid in working to eliminate child prostitution and give kids the opportunity to become real income earners with a future.


POB 777, Umatilla, OR. 97882.

The telephone number is 503-608-0661.



Amputees Learning to Dance

Not exactly "Dancing With the Stars," but still lots of fun.








Do you have questions about limb loss or difference and don't know where to turn?


ADAPTING offers peer support for pre and post conditions.




Perhaps you want to meet other amputees or people with your disability.

You can meet others through attending our various activities. Call for details or read our website for more information.





Do you need help acquiring your disabled equipment such as orthotic or prosthetic equipment? We may be able to help you.

If you do call us today!









Are there activities for kids and teens at Adapting. We are constantly working on a children's program. We need volunteers for this activity. Please call us today for more information.