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Creating a Better World for Those Who Are Challenged

Mission Statement:

ADAPTING is organized for the purpose of creating a better world for the physically disadvantaged, both young and adults, through specialized vocational training, processes such as peer support and counseling, financial assistance for access in homes and medical equipment, for the purpose of providing disadvantaged people the opportunity to reintegrate into society, to enhance their lifestyle, restoring self-esteem and other beneficial effects.


Vision Statement:

It is the intention of ADAPTING to provide the highest quality training and educational activities available to its students and patients.

ADAPTING will supply the necessary support services to people with disabilities to provide an unhurried, nurturing, environment to provide optimum recovery opportunities for patients and students.


Our first responsibilities are to those individuals to whom we provide services and products. Meeting their needs are of the greatest importance to us.

To provide excellence in training, physical therapy, peer support, counseling, and community education in order to facilitate active, healthy lifestyles for our patients, customers, and clients.

ADAPTING will constantly strive to reduce our operating costs and will look for more economical and practical ways to provide our services.

ADAPTING recognizes that we must partner with all our stakeholders to provide optimum performance.

These stakeholders include the ADAPTING Board of Directors, the members, the patients, the students, the employees, the volunteers, the businesses and members of our community that make possible the existence of ADAPTING and its public benefit mission.

ADAPTING recognizes that all individuals must be treated fairly and with dignity and merit and must be recognized appropriately. All ADAPTING staff must be ethical and just and responsible.

It is the policy of ADAPTING not to discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation,marital status, age, disability, or veteran status in matters of admissions, employment, housing, or services or in the educational programs or activities it operates, in accordance with civil rights laws or regulations.