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Creating a Better World for the Physically Impaired

Volunteer Opportunities:

The following are volunteer opportunities available with the ADAPTING nonprofit organization. Please remember, we can not be successful without this active support of the volunteers helping ADAPTING.

Many of our projects would not be feasible technically, or financially without you the volunteer.

We encourage as many as possible to volunteer their time and share their lives with us. You are our family.

Positions Available:

Volunteer Position #1: Visitors needed for patients that are restricted by physical disabilities. Thee individuals are located in hospitals, retirement homes and other similar types of institutions.

Volunteer Position #2: Activities Committee Member- several volunteers are needed to arrange for various activities of the nonprofit. These activites are for sports events, social events, fundraising activities and more. About 4 to 6 hours a week would be required for this work.

Volunteer Position #3: Volunteer Bi-lingual Translator required. Individuals that speak both Spanish and English for our activities.

Volunteer Position #4: Volunteer Maintenance Helpers. Must be familiar with the usage of tools and equipment related to building maintenence. About 4 or more

hours a week is required for this project work.

Volunteer Position #5: Filled

Volunteer Position #6: Nutritionist: A degreed, registered nutritionist is required for future project work. (Overseas travel possile)

Volunteer Postion # 7: Spanish/English Translator.

We encourage people with disabilities to apply for the above positions.


Physical Therapist Position available, inquire via telephone.

Call for more information- don't delay!

FREE transportation in and around Clackamas County to and from the Adapting activities is provided by a Clackamas County volunteer group.

Information on this activity may be obtained by calling

503-655-8856. See below for more information.


Remember, FREE transportation may be available through a county volunteer transportation system.

Please be sure to check this out well in advance by calling the agency in your area that makes such arrangements.

Services are available Monday through Friday,

8:30 AM to 5 PM

(Clackamas County Residents only)

In Washington State call

People 4 People