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Creating a Better World for Those Who are Challenged

Are You physically disadvantaged with Limb Loss or difference ?

Are you anticipating amputation of a limb? This is just as important a time as after amputation. Be prepared and know what to expect and what options you may have.

Here is IMPORTANT CARE information for people with limb loss.

Diabetes and dry skin can be very harmful for the diabetic. There are two basic ways diabetes can harm your skin:

First, If your glucose (blood sugar) is high the human body loses fluid. This loss of fluid causes skin to become dry. Dry skin may become itchy and therefore irritating. If one scratches the itchy skin a sore may develop if the skin cracks from dryness. Aside from being itchy cracked skin may store germs over time. These germs normally result in infection if not treated quickly. Therefore, a major problem can develop from the infection and dry skin. It is very important to keep good control over blood glucose and apply all safe procedures a diabetic should follow.

Secondly, Neuropathy (nerve damage) can decrease the amount of perspiration (sweat) an individual may have. With less perspirarion the skin becomes dry. Therefore, the same problems may develop as identified above.

Dry skin preventive measures to protect yourself from problems:

Firstly, After bathing or washing be sure you are thoroughly dried all over. Be sure to check dryness in places like under arms, between toes, under breasts, between the legs, etc. Wash with a mild soap and rinse well.

Secondly, keep your skin moist. This can be done by utilizing a cream or moisturizer approved by your doctor or primary care physican.

Thirdly, to keep skin moist and healthy drink plenty of fluids such as water.

Fourthly, cotton allows for air circulation. Therefore, wear cotton underwear for better air circulation around your body.

Fifthly, always check your skin on a daily basis. Look for dry red or sore spots that may lead to infection. And always tell your physcian about any skin problems you may have.

Source: ACA- "In Motion" magazine March/April 2006

For more information about skin care for stumps or people with limb loss Please Click Here!

In conclusion, an amputee must come to the realization of all the aspects invoved in being a person with limb loss. Most likely pre and immediate post amputation will be the greatest crisis in the life time of a person with limb loss. Amputees are amoung the largest segment of underserved people in the United States. Most people are unaware of the many problems an amputee must deal with to continue a meaningful life. Adapting is here to help you. We understand the situation you face as a person with limb loss.

At our peer support meetings you may ask all your questions , share ideas and thoughts, and hear about others that have had the same experiences as you are facing now.

Our meetings are a time of healing, education, and provides the opportunity to begin again to build a new life. It is an opportunity for your loved ones- especially children to have their questions answered and for all to learn how to regain an active life through reintegrating into society.

Come out to our meetings, the second Friday of each month. Call for meeting locations and special events activities.

Call today for more information.... 503-608-0661


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Peer support meetings

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Below are some helpful links for your convenience:

If you are an amputee you need to check out this site:

The Amputee Coalition of America



The American Psychiatric Association

The American Psychological Association

The American Trauma Society

Anxiety Disorders Association of America

Mental Help Net

The National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The National Institute of Mental Health

The National Mental Health Association


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