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History of the founding of ADAPTING:

In January of 1999, the Executive Director of ADAPTING, had his lower right leg amputated. He had partially lost the use of his right hand and left foot, as well as being almost blind.

After the lower right leg amputation, the restoration of most of the usage of his left foot and right hand and three eye surgeries to normalize his vision, he realized he could no longer perform the job assignments he previously performed. However, he needed to return to an income generating lifestyle.Therefore, he began researching other avenues for earning income. He attended a local community college to get a sense for what he was capable of performing.

He found that website design and multimedia authoring were realistic areas to pursue for a new career. While he attended classes, Mr. Schmolke saw many rehabbing disabled students drop their classes at the community college. He wondered why?

He researched these occurrences to find out that many rehabbing students dropped their classes for medical purposes. Some students dropped classes for such things as extended treatments prescribed, last minute transportation problems and more.

He thought what a waste of time and money. He began to seek an alternative to regular educational facilities. He found the solution through the establishment of the ADAPTING Vocational Institute and Adapting came into existence.

At ADAPTING, we gear our educational programs for people with disabilities and adapt to each person's individual requirements for care and training. With our staff of professionals, we will be able to take the student as soon as possible after the catastrophic medical event. With a special housing unit attached to the school, Certified Nursing Assistants can help administer whatever special attention the new students require. In addition, peer support along with physical therapy can be provided at this location.

We provide special individual tutoring as required- all free to the physically impaired student. This makes us different from other institutions- we adapt to the individual student's needs to insure the highest possible success rate achievable.

On Labor Day 2011, he had his left leg amputated below the knee becoming a bilateral amputee. This condition makes everything slightly more complex. However, he continues to be actively engaged in activities that assist oters in greater need.

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